Jacob J. Reid

Financial Advisor
Founder / Leader

Not many are inspired to work in the financial industry, even fewer have the vision to start their own firm. Through the course of his career, Jacob Reid found he thoroughly enjoys helping clients navigate their financial affairs – it is an inspiring mixture of personal relationships and changing economic conditions.

Jacob was born in Sierra Vista, Arizona in 1974 then moved to Orlando, Florida in 1981. After high school in 1992 moved to Berkeley, California to attend UC Berkeley.

His experience in the financial industry started in the 90’s while studying Economics at UC Berkeley – working on various consultant teams with Wells Fargo Bank, Union Bank Trust, and Arthur Anderson. This extra-curricular experience provided an introduction to the complex world of investment management, corporate mergers, taxes, investment trading and operations management.

In 1998, Jacob worked as a trader and client service manager for Emmett A Larkin Co. – a mid-size broker dealer based in San Francisco. With a growing interest in the investment and financial advisory side of financial services, Jacob started taking on clients as a junior advisor/broker at a retail branch of Emmett A Larkin Co. in Livermore, CA.

With a genuine interest in people, he quickly integrated into the local community and charitable groups and quickly began growing his client base. In 2010, Jacob joined Foothill Securities Inc. as an Independent Financial Advisor. At Foothill, he continued to build service offerings for clients, and in turn, accelerated his growth. In December of 2016 Foothill Securities was purchased by Securities America Inc, which Jacob continues to partner with today.

Jacob’s focus is working with individuals and families using financial planning, risk & goal-based investment management, backing these up with individualized client service as a foundation. He thoroughly enjoys helping clients navigate their financial affairs through current economic conditions of the day.

After 6 years of dating, Jacob married his French/Persian sweetheart Shara in 2008. She has her own career as an international brand manager for a French software company with an office in San Francisco. They have 2 young daughters and enjoy all that encompasses life with little ones. Jacob enjoys photography, traveling, snowboarding, and all things nature. He is determined and committed to delivering the best service and results for his clients.

Jacob has a strong entrepreneurial drive and being a business owner has allowed him to create a firm that focuses on the clients and their individual needs. He is very proud of this accomplishment and continues to foster CIFG’s growth and excellence all for the benefit of his clients, team, and family.