Financial Planning

What is Financial Planning?

Financial planning is about more than preparing for retirement. It’s about working to achieve short- and long-term goals in the most financially efficient manner and to protect the most important things in your life.

As Financial Advisors who focus on planning, we will work with you to create a plan that includes solid investment solutions, insurance protection where needed, and a strategy that will be flexible enough to meet your changing needs.

The first step to achieving financial freedom is creating a strong financial strategy. We work together to strategize and prepare, ultimately creating a plan that helps you:

  • Prepare for a secure & comfortable retirement
  • Protect and grow your assets within your personal risk tolerance
  • Proactively manage debt, current & future expenses, major purchases, to preparing for a child’s higher education or additional property purchases
  • Ensure ongoing and future taxes are minimize, (Maxing retirement contributions, Roth Conversions, HSAs, QCDs, Tax efficient investment portfolios)
  • Provide for your loved ones in the event of death, disability or critical illness
  • Develop efficient withdrawal strategies for monthly income and short term needs

We utilize industry leading technologies and software to assist us in crafting sound financial plans and to assist in managing our clients financial needs.


Financial Planning Tool eMoney provides in depth comprehensive planning analysis and net worth projections.The platform allows for multiple scenario based projections, client asset aggregation on one platform, and personalized client access. With our oversight and review, we help navigate and explain the output. This partnership allows clients to easily comprehend financial decisions both large and small, immediate and future, and monitor progress in real time. A uniquely customized experience providing a net worth picture on demand and projected outcomes based on your objectives and goals. This level of insight allows clients to feel confident about their goals. Learn more here by visiting eMoney.


Healthcare cost estimator Halo uses big data from universities, healthcare organizations, hospital actuarial data, and other sources to create personalized projections on an individuals longevity and health care needs. These needs are then translated to what the current costs are and future inflation adjusted costs will be. HALO brings science, big data, and finance into sensible output to be considered in the ever important healthcare portion of a family's financial planning. Take your Healthcare assessment today by visiting HALO